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Prejudice: Are we born this way? Race Relations through a child’s eyes.

Children possess something that we as adults have lost in some way or another – our innocence. Innocence can allow a child to see beyond fear, doubt and prejudice. The gap between innocence and experience can shape how children function; see the world and the people in it. Adults are considered the influencers. To combat prejudice and to eliminate racial divides, adults must become aware of how they discuss race and interact with others of a different race when in the presence of a child. While some discriminatory actions are clearly noticeable to the eye, implicit bias refers to the attitudes or stereotypes that affect our understanding, actions, and decisions in an unconscious manner. This workshop aims to discuss the implicit biases of adults that may affect the way in which children interact with people of a different race. We will also react to a video on race and discuss the impact of discrimination on children.

Facilitator: Krystle Ellis




What Can/Should Whites Do to Advocate for Equity?

The workshop is designed as a strategy session specifically focusing on the unique roles that Whites must play to address racism in its different forms. The focus will be on connecting participants to existing opportunities and strategizing to have more impact as a community.

Facilitator: Aaron Wicks



Community Evaluation of Body Worn Cameras

To educate civilians on the new body worn camera policies and the Community Input Team that the Coalition for a Police Reform is forming in conjunction with the City of Rochester Body Worn Camera Initiative.

Background: NYCLU and the Coalition for Police Reform were interested in working with the community to develop a response method to the evaluation of the BWC, as of late. BWC’s are no substitute to the work that Officers do, but rather a new tool to increase transparency and accountability. We know that most cases of police brutality and stops impact communities of color, particularly black men, which is why we felt it necessary to include the residents most impacted by the Body Cameras – the City of Rochester residents. We know we can hold our community and officers to new standards with tools that help us see what is going on.

Facilitators: Iman Abid & Kerry Coleman



American Dreams, Dilemmas, & Dialogue: Phoenix Rising…Again

Facilitator: Dr. Arlette Miller Smith



My Goals” Workshop (Creating a plan for Employment, Education, or Self-Employment

This workshop is designed to help participants evaluate talents, interests, and values, set goals; and develop a plan to achieve those goals. This can include goals for employment, education, or self-employment.

Facilitator: Richard A. Harris



The Case for an Independent Police Accountability System:

Transforming the Civilian Review Process in Rochester, New York

This workshop will discuss:

•           current issues related to police misconduct in terms of use of force

•           inadequacies of the current review process when a civilian makes a complaint against a police officer

•           lack of accountability and transparency in the Rochester Police Department, especially in terms of discipline of officers

•           individual cases of victims of police brutality

•           an ordinance recommended for City Council to establish a Police Accountability Board

•           brainstorm of strategies and tactics

•           assignments people can to take specific actions

Facilitators: Barbara Lacker-Ware & Ted Forsyth